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July Nuggets: Yoga, Art & Music = Happiness 🧘‍♀️ 🖼 🎵 =🤗

We continue to get asked, what’s up with the art and the music? It’s simple – we have local art shown in our yoga studio, and we will have BYOB music performances on various weekends! Stay tuned for events. Our space is also for rent!

YOGA NIGHTS – Did you know yoga is proven to help you get better sleep? At YAM you have 6 chances to practice after 6 pm on the weekdays (6:30 pm, 7:00 pm & 8:00 pm) – visit our amazing teachers.

Mary Grace Eubank is an internationally recognized, award-winning graphic designer and children’s book illustrator. Today, she creates art aiming to reflect a dramatic, soulful narrative symbolic enough for individual interpretation, but subtle enough to unleash personal perspectives, opinions, and recollections.

YAM is fortunate to be featuring Soul Sisters, which is inspired by her treasured connection with her daughter. See this piece in person.

Have you heard of Sofar? A Sofar gig is an intimate show held at a unique venue. It typically features three artists, playing four songs each. Sofar is coming to Lake Highlands on August 9th!

Apply for tickets now this show is sure to sell out! The exact location will not be announced until 24 hours before the event.

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